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About Me

SEO Expert in India, Recruiters & Author

Hello! I’m Vivek Sharma a full-time SEO freelancer and SEO Consultant. Also, I am the Founder of Sharma-Vivek.Com – #1 Ranking Holder Best SEO Expert in India. I have been providing the solution of all types of business and helped to optimize a website through SEO and generating quality leads. I have been working on Digital Marketing services be it SEO, SMO, PPC, development for over 3 years now. I have been succeeded in all types of projects like Education, Consulting, E-commerce, ORM, marketing, services I have worked. I have delivered my results through optimizing the website, improvement in ranking, growing traffic and building online revenue or provide quality leads. I have worked with all sizes of the company, starting from the one-man army. My clients spreading globally to various countries like India, USA, UK, Indonesia, Spain, Canada and UAE. My talent is not only restricted to client services, but I also publish blogs about SEO, PPC, recruiting blogs, social media. My blogs are published on various platforms such as YourStory, RecruitingBlogs, Search Engine Journal and many good platforms. The only mission I carry is “Quality and Smart Work“. I make it possible only with my knowledge and endless dedication towards my work. I love to boost ranking on Search Engines and boost conversion.

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  • Digital Marketing
    Brand is not what you tell the consumer, it is what they tell each other. I can help your organization with digital marketing strategy and helping achieve business goals by focusing our digital marketing services on continuously scaling traffic, increase revenue, new customer acquisition and ROI.
  • SEO
    “Get found”. I am an SEO Expert in India offers affordable SEO services to all size of company and all type of industry. Increase you traffic, quality leads and revenue with my proven SEO services.
  • PPC
    I'm always successful to generate the necessary traffic and reduce the ad costs and increase conversions to the website, with my knowledge of Keywords, Google Ads, Remarketing and PPC ROI.
    Our team of Experts will help to increasing the awareness of your product or your website on the social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and helps to make a brand on Social Media.
    Content is the King. Build the emotional and informational bridge between business and buyer. A good content helps to attract customer to the website.
  • Website Design
    Our experts will provide you with a unique and engaging website that will own the paramount value in the market.


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  • SEO Audits

    I can help you in SEO Audits. Get the best SEO Audit Report, activity and action plan. Request free SEO Audit report.
  • SEO Strategy

    I make SEO Strategy that can help start-up businesses and grow their business and revenue and grow their brand online. I am passionate to making strategy for start-up business.
  • SEO Project Management

    A good SEO strategy is always succeeded with a proper management. It includes managing the project, client, customer and trending affair knowledge. Hire best SEO Expert in India for projects management.
  • SEO Training

    In a free time we provide SEO training of students. It is cost free. If anyone interested to learn SEO and Digital Marketing feel free contact me and if any problem in SEO contact me on phone call.
  • SEO Consultancy

    If are you looking best SEO consultant for your any size of online business with a proven records of results, A consultant delivers quality and optimum results, feel free contact me to know what I can do for your start-up business.
  • SEO Advice

    Hire the Google Certified best SEO expert in India which helps to boost your ranking first page of Search Engine, with the incredible ideas and strategy. Get the free advice how to grow your business.


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Trusting team SEO Expert with the SEO of my company has been the best move I ever could have made.

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My recent work

Vivek Sharma is fulltime freelancer. Sharma-Vivek.Com ranked first on many high competitive business keywords like SEO Expert in India, Best...




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Hire SEO Expert in India | SEO Freelancer in India | SEO Consultant

You are on the right website if are you looking out for a Best SEO Expert in India and best SEO freelancer in India for freelancing SEO Services. I am an SEO Expert in India based. I would appreciate your decision of landing on our website, as we won’t give you an opportunity to disappoint.

Why SEO is better than all other Digital Marketing Services:

SEO is the best and affordable way to market your business because it is fully free and result will be organic. If assure you there is another way better then SEO feel free contact me I will tell you advantage and how it is perfect of all digital marketing services. SEO is an evergreen like just your website ranked any high volume targeted keywords then its result how your business increases. I think that was enough intro of SEO, now let’s learn about “Who Hire SEO Expert India is?

Why I am Different from Others SEO Firms or Freelancers

Let me give you some points that make me stand out from other SEO Firm.
  • 1. I am Expert in SEO: I haven’t made my focus go on a different industry, unlike other SEO Expert or SEO Firms.
    1. 2. I use this tool to grow my own Business: Mostly digital marketing expert in India and SEO firms that gets all leads from direct calling, spam emailing and paid advertising. It is bad way most of this condition your IP and your website will be penalised. I believe in my commitment I make to my clients, I get all my SEO quality leads and traffic from organically search.
    2. 3. Digital Marketing in my DNA: I have more than 3 years experience so all the strategies are tested by me. I know very well how to get traffic and how to get ranking.
    3. I have real Results:I have working more than 10 countries and get the good result before the estimated time period. My website is first position for many competitive keywords like SEO Expert in India, Best SEO Expert, SEO Consultant in India, SEO Freelancer in India, SEO Expert in Delhi but, that doesn't excite me as much as watching my clients result.
    4. 5. I use White Hate Technique:While some other digital marketing experts and firms believe in use all tricks like black hat technique. My all SEO strategy is completely white hat. I believe in quality and Smart work.
    5. 6. Importance of Communication:Communication is the key of success. I am working fully dedication so don’t worry about the results and quality.
    6. 7. Famous people Trust me:I have been trusted by my entire client, I’m not only SEO Expert but also a best recruiters we also provides blogs related to recruiting.
    I hope now you know very well, what different I have achieved as compared to other SEO expert and SEO freelancers or Firms.

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